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Fantasy Football seems a bit trivial compared to everything that’s being going on. Nevertheless, it serves to distract our attentions from the ongoing concerns around both COVID 19 itself, and in the media industry more generally. The lack of F2F and events is clearly a major headache for many in the industry. Marketing spend too has been cut. Here’s hoping a vaccine will be delivered sooner rather than later.

Last season ended with a glorious victory for, well, me. I had four really lucky weeks in the middle that propelled me from 250K to the top 10K and I then managed to stay there. It’s not too hard staying in the same place because most people have similar teams. But it’s really hard to move up because so many managers are well informed these days. A big achievement used to be the top 10K. Now I’m thinking finishing in the top 100K is kinda the equivalent.

Given how competitive it is, this is why it’s so important to get a good start. Have you concluded your team ahead of the weekend?
I’ve been tinkering loads but I think I’m pretty set now. The two blanks for the Manchester clubs in the first two weeks causes a few headaches. I think there will be quite a few minus 4s floating around in the first few weeks.

The season before last I tried going without any hits. This worked pretty well but I did miss out on some serious price rises early on – I’m looking at you Aaron Wan-Bissaka. So now I’m an advocate of a few minus 4s early on, but not too many.

The 20/21 season will be kicking off this weekend with Fulham versus Arsenal at 12.30 on Saturday. Do rejoin the league or feel free to share the code with colleagues who play fantasy football and meet the criteria. The Media Industry League is for those working in Sales or Marketing.

As always, there will be a cash prize for the winner.

The code is ecljl0.
Here’s a link:

Good luck to all!

Post Author: Ewan McKay

Ewan runs a recruitment business specialising in sales jobs and marketing jobs for media companies.