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With circa one third of the season complete, we’ve now also finished with internationals and can kick on to multiple imminent game weeks. In just a couple of weeks’ time (GW 15), we’re going to start to have mid-week fixtures kicking in too. With 5 yellow suspensions kicking in (Sterling) and injuries (Liverpool) then our benches could be quite important over the next bunch of game weeks.

Who has a plan for GW 18 yet when Liverpool don’t play (and West Ham)? I don’t yet but will have to start thinking about it soon.

It looks like this year has been a tricky one for many of the content creators out there who talk online about the game including many of the top managers in the history of the game such as Ville Ronke, etc. Indeed, there’s a manager called Will that I follow on Youtube and he must be one of the top managers in the history of the game. He’s currently ranked 1.6M!

I feel like Fantasy Football is much harder than it used to be because so many managers now know so much more given the free access to content on the subject. These top annual performers used to build spread sheets rating fixture difficulty but now you can get that online immediately. I just used to pick the guys with the biggest scores but there’s clearly so much more to it than that.

For my part, I’m riding high in our mini-league after a good run since GW 5 when my rank was over one million. I’ve missed the Captaincy in so many weeks but, thankfully, so has everyone else. Getting in Vardy promptly really helped in this respect. I’m still unsure about Maddison though so don’t have him. This may hurt but he feels a bit like Coutinho to me – always shooting from distance. Plus goals and assists can come from right across the midfield. I was considering Soyuncu a number of weeks ago so that’s a miss. Still, these other guys like Rico and Lundstram have been legendary.

A big concern for anyone this season is that last year’s winner James Moss is at the top again, only 5 points behind in 2nd place. James’ history in the game is robust so I’ll need to perform strongly to hold him off.

That said, I expect a lot of flux going forwards. There’s not much between a ranking of 40,000 and 400,000. If you hit or miss a captaincy then you can move either way by that much. With over 7 million players in the game I’d estimate that half will have given up by now but a solid 2 to 3 million will be actively playing. Certainly the top million will be full of excellent managers.

The Liverpool Echo reported that Robertson and Salah would miss Saturday’s 15.00 kick off against Palace. But then I see that they were pictured in training yesterday. What to do with these two assets?

Anyway, here’s the Top 10 after twelve game weeks. Good luck for the w/e.

Top 10 after GW 12

The Media Industry League is for those working in Sales or Marketing. Feel free to share the code with colleagues who play fantasy football and meet the criteria. As always, there will be a small cash prize for the winner.

The code is 9cw47u.

Good luck for this w/e.

Post Author: Ewan McKay

Ewan runs a recruitment business specialising in sales jobs and marketing jobs for media companies.