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As a manager who captained Sane this game week, I Kun believe the way it panned out. 95% of us either captained Sane, Sterling or Kun. Subject to the one you picked you had an incredible week, pretty darn good, or bleedin’ awful.

Furthermore, Aguero even got two points in the second game, double Sane, to really rub salt into the wound. Some will have triple captained Sane even! So 38 points for Kun captainers; 2 for Sane captainers. This week has been defined solely by this captaincy choice. It’s big.

The top 3 in our mini league have been affected positively – all three captained Kun. Tracey Webb captained Son for 22 points in 4th. So it was only muggins here, in 5th, who suffered from that Sane disaster. After me there’s a 40 point gap back to the rest. Not insurmountable but it’ll be tricky to catch these top three.

What are the implications from this going forwards? Well, how many managers will need to take hits to remove players who blank in GW 27? Given you can hold three on the bench then managers shouldn’t need many. Chelsea aren’t highly owned ATM and everyone’s been ditching Everton assets wisely. I’m still holding onto Digne until the picture is a bit more clear about future fixtures, form, etc., though I do recognise he’s losing value. Sane dropped last night too. Could be rage transfers.

In other news, Brighton won their FA Cup replay last night which means that looking ahead, we can still have anything from one to six blanks in Gameweek 31 and one to four in Gameweek 33. So the picture remains unclear for planning. I’d recommend holding onto your chips to navigate them.

So it’s really tight at the top. Given James Moss’ previous history I wasn’t sure anyone could catch him. But now he’s in third and he’s surrounded. Richard Myles, of sales training specialists Flume, is having a cracking season and making all the right decisions. Mark Drew of Clear Channel, in first, is looking to improve on last year’s 121,000 finish – a finish that proved he knows what he’s doing. Could be a close one this year. Here’s the top 10:

Post Author: Ewan McKay

Ewan runs a recruitment business specialising in sales jobs and marketing jobs for media companies.