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So how was your Week 1 for the new fantasy football season? I expect your answer to be largely dependent upon two questions i) do you have Mo Salah? and 2) did you captain him? Unfortunately for me the answer to both of these questions was no. Also, did you have 11 players on the pitch? I had 9. A poor start indeed. Need to take fewer risks on week 1 next season.

A quick recap. This mini-league is for those working in sales and marketing in the media/ digital/ events industry. Especially for the latter, hopefully fantasy football can act as a distraction to the problems the industry is facing right now.

For those who are on this email but not yet part of the league, you can join using this code ( ecljl0 ) or simply use this link to go straight to the relevant page. If you don’t want to receive these emails going forwards then hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom.

Key players who look like good imminent prospects based on the weekend’s games?

Auba, Gabriel, Saiss, Willian, Leeds, Salah, Vardy, Wolves in general, the Newcastle front line, the entire Everton team, Crystal Palace defence maybe. Anyone else?


Saka, Vinagre, can the Liverpool back line keep clean sheets? Where will Frank play all his new players including will James keep his spot? plus will Havertz remain deep? Mitrovic. Southampton generally. Spurs – Doherty leaving holes behind him; Kane being invisible. How significant are the injuries to Pulisic and Werner?

There are so many potential transfers to make but I hate taking -4s. I think I’m going to sit on my hands for now and accept a few price falls. I own Vinagre like many. Although he didn’t play, he might still not move right?? Maybe hopeful thinking.

So how does our mini-league look right now? Here’s the top 10 ably led by Paul Newman (previously of PAM Insights) with a cracking 92 points in one week placing him at 51K. Paul didn’t even have Salah. But he did captain Vardy and had Castagne (who I’d not even heard of) and Gabriel in his team. An epic showing there. 

In second place is Jamil Ahad who works for EuroMoney. Jamil often starts off well but has faded away as the season’s progressed. Will it be different this year? Jamil has Calvert-Lewin up top which is looking like a really good shout. Everton seemed really good and their fixtures are excellent with WBA up next. 

In third place is Jamie Huxley of Sapient i7 (a Salesforce consulting partner) who’s often a name I’ve seen towards the top of the league. Like Jamil, Jamie captained Salah for 40 points. Boom. Here’s the top 10.

Good luck for the next game week. How are they playing Carabao cup games already btw?



Post Author: Ewan McKay

Ewan runs a recruitment business specialising in sales jobs and marketing jobs for media companies.